Halloween Costumes:

I created this Haloween costume in 2013.

I basically made a backpack with a Frankenstein body attached to the back of it.

Frank's body gets covered with a jacket and I step into the backpack pants (Frank's legs) and slide into the lab coat.

Attached to the lab coat is a set of fake legs (the light brown legs in front)

This costume is all one piece, and then I add the fake arm which is actually my real hand (this one gets a lot of scares).

I gave Frank some shoes (which are fun to wear because they basically are 5" high platforms).

This costume stands at 7'4" tall and it draws quite the crowds.

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this custom costume, or something similiar. I love to make stuff like this.

I created this one in 2012 after seeing a picture of something similiar online.

I grew out the beard and bought everything for under $30 at the thrift store. Shaved half the beard, and I was good to go.

This is a 2 piece costume.

A Redditor recently pointed out that I should photoshop the two halves into 2 individuals, and it came out pretty good. If you want to see the results of that, click here.

Bicycle Creations:

The Retrodirect

After hearing about a bicycle from the very early 1900's that could pedal forwards or backwards to go forwards, I had to figure out how to do it.

After coming up with a way to do it and deciding that I needed an elevated chainstay frame, I searched the internet for one with no luck.

These frames were popular in the 1970s and 80s. After a post to Reddit.com/r/bicycling, a user responded within 10 minutes that he had one that he was looking to sell. To both of our surprise, he lived 6 blocks away from me.

I had to manufacture some custom chainguards and spacers, but it is basically all standard beach cruiser parts.

This is all one very long chain. I went to my local bikeshop where I know a few guys, and they gave me a ton of scrap chain that I then pieced together.

By changing the size of the 2 gears on the back, you can get one speed by pedaling forward, and a different speed pedaling backwards. A single-multi speed bike I guess.

The Reverse Steering Bike

After watching the video made by SmarterEveryDay, I decided to test this "8 months to learn" stat.

I purchased the gears on Amazon for $8 a piece, and bought an old bike frame from a bike shop/junkyard.

I decided to make it so that I could unbolt everything from my bike in case I did not have fun with it.

It took me a good 3 days just to learn how to ride around the block, but I quickly got the hang of it and was biking down the boardwalk through traffic the following week.

It is a very hard learning curve. I am so confident that no one can ride it, that I am willing to bet anyone just walking by on the beach, 20 to 1 odds that they can not ride it more than 10' in 3 tries.

I won a few drinks at a bar crawl once, but so far no one is willing to take my bet (and I have fun just letting people ride it for free).

Other random things I have made (click to expand):