Bayard St.

In 2007, my dad, mom, and I started remodeling our house. This was my full time job for 5 years, until we completed it.

Everything was built by us, including a lot of the furniture and wall art. The only part that we hired was the Stucco siding and the Sheetrock as it was much cheaper.

In 2011, our house won kitchen of the year in San Diego Home and Garden Magazine.

We learned how to build the majority of the house by just using the internet and talking with others. We had very little experience in building when we started.

Most of the products and furniture used in the house were resourced off of craigslist, or were created out of raw material.

The best way to get through these pictures is by clicking on one and using your mouse wheel to scroll through them. Captions are on all of the images.

Before and After

Open During Construction

The Hot Tub

Here is a video of us adding the first gallons of water to the Tub. This is the moment when the water touched the bottom of the glass floor and illuminated the fish below.

2011 Kitchen of the year in San Diego Home and Garden Magazine!

Miscellaneous Woodworking